Gym Sales Training Consultant In NJ!

7 Easy Ways TO Boost GYM Memberships In Record Time


Gym Sales Training Consultant In NJ!

Gym sales training consultant in NJ. Can help you get a quick boost to your membership in 7 easy steps.  The time to prepare your sales campaign for 2019 is now. WORK YOUR PLAN AND PLAN YOUR WORK!.

It throws me off when I see gyms doing the same thing all over, year after year. New Years Resolution Sale!. Then is the same thing they had the year before, and it goes like that for years, if’ lucky enough to stay opened!. Here is 10 easy ways to increase membership sales in record time!.

1-Offer a transformation package. People that are looking to join gyms are becoming clever,and decisive. They look for a deal, and a place where there is not critics. Or ask Planet Fitness who have been sweeping the industry with their unique yet easy slogan (NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. 10 DOLLARS A MONTH ONLY). DON’T COMPETE with price!. Show an alternative to your members. Give out a week customize training and nutrition. Our Tornado Diet software can fit well here. ASK US ABOUT IT, on contact form at the end of the story.  Give a boost to their goals. Give them a customize work out to help their transformation goals. Make sure your trainers are serious and professional about this. These members will be grateful with them and the gym. Therefore, they can become potential clients to your trainers. Which in turn will maximize your bottom line as well.

2-Offer a ONCE A WEEK. Free Support Weight Loss Group. Talk to your best trainer, and make sure once a week for  the month of January, she plans a pep talk to new members. Make sure she can teach few new exercises, incorporate few new foods, and answer questions related to the program. At the end of the day is all about making your members feel good and experience the difference!.

3-Make a weight loss contest. And offer a price. Most minds work better when there is a reward, and challenge. Have a nice price for the winner of your challenge. Weight in every new member who wants to eneter the contest. And for the month of January, every week check their progress. This a great incentive since they will have the opportunity to interact with a fitness pro at your facility, who can keep things exciting among participants.

4-Hire a SEO expert who understand health club sales and marketing. The month of January there is nothing more important than throwing smart key words and phrases to google’s algorithms. Let google spiders and crawlers, read your site or your blogs with all the wonderful things you doing during the month of January to increase sales performance. Most people will find you, by googling their concerns. Since the invention of Alexa. Your SEO consultant should understand how to command google to read the key phrases new prospects are looking for. This will drag people  to your site, but most importantly, will drag prospects to your gym. Our SEO algorithms are ready to fire up your target area, to increase your traffic and rate of conversion. Just contact us for a free consultation.

5-Work with what you have already. Excisting members are a great way to stream line revenues. Offer a free month for every member they bring. If members have been loyal to your club for over 24 months. Identify them quickly and convert them in to VIP members, segment your database and launch a special program. An efficient way is to implement a RFM model. This model helps you identify the most valuable customer, that brings the higest conversion rate, and has the biggest growing potential.

RFM stands for:

Regency: How recently the the customer buy

Frequency: How often do customers purchase

Monetary analysis: How often do they spendWith this model you filter your data base, considering most recent purchases. Anything from : buying products, shirts, signing their spouses. These members will most likely respond well and spend money  to new offers such as:

  • Transformation programs for the new years.
  • Weight Loss Classes that require additional fees
  • Health supplement sales for new years.
  • Personal training sales, and other offers!

6-Use testimonials and pictures from happy members. Hung pictures and success stories on walls. Make sure your prospects see this, make them read some of those stories while touring. Members go for the experience not necessarily the size of your operation,or amount of equipment. They want to make sure others are happy with the athmosphere. Show them results. Let your loyal members do this for you!.

7-Have testimonials on your website. Nothing is more important than this, your prospects need to see proof that your gym will be cleaned. You hire respectful stuff, your trainers are friendly, and everyone is in a safe ecosystem. Nothing will convey that better than testimonials. Your earnestness can be seen quickly, as they read on happy members. This practice alone can spur new prospects to come visit your facility.

There is not reason why your club can’t be successful. The global fitness industry is growing at a fast pace. generating, 78 billion dollars in revenue just in the United States according to ‘health clubs statistics and facts’

The same report shows than more than 138 million people world wide join a fitness club. Therefore, there is not reason your club can thrive. The market size is huge, and people are waiting to hear from you!.

Jose Fuentes is the founder of the fast pace growing fitness blog. JOSEFITZONE.COM’. A certified master trainer,Strength Conditioning Specialist,  and nutritionist. Licensed SEO marketer, SEO Copywriter, and web designer. He successfully managed his own gym  for 20 years in Denville NJ. Until he had his first break as a sales and marketing  consultant, at a high end  club and spa in the northen NJ area. Where he runs the sales department and  consults for the chain. As well as assists the club in marketing and SEO development. He is available for marketing/sales consulting and keynote speaking opportunities on sales and motivation.  Fill out form below if interested in a free consultation.

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