5 steps I recommend to everyone in need of a huge weightloss boost. Just remember everyone is different and results vary.
1- adjust just macro minerals: increase potassium magnesium intake in whole foods. Decrease sodium, foods with fluoride and drink tons of distilled water 1/2 of gallon for 10 days..
2-chew up food slowly 30 secs to 1 min. This Helps digestion and will allow your intestines to reset, you will also benefit from the saliva glands your body produces to digest your food.
3-do parsley water before bed and before taken a bath. Parsley is a diuretic, simply add few leafs in a 8 Oz glass of water
4- stay away from meat consumption for 10 days even fish..meat required a tremendous amount of enzymes and acids in the intestines to be shredded and someone with overweight issues like Steve has killed some of the healthy flora in the gut. Therefore, needs to be reconstructed.
5-detox, detox, detox try this:

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