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Have you ever found yourself rummaging through the fridge at night? or worse yet, opening up every single  cabinet on your kitchen to find something sweet or salty to satisfied your cravings?

Welcome to the club! Now this has an explanation. Many of us are not sleeping properly, have high blood sugars or are just nutrient deficient. I will give you a golden advice which will resolve your cravings issues instantly in 5 steps.

1-Set the stage to avoid cravings. Early morning foods  are crucial, but not just any foods. I am flabbergasted by seeing  people making food mistakes early in the morning. If you are like most people. Then, may be  bagels and muffins are your best friends in the morning. Or even worse if you are the bacon, egg and cheese lover. DITCH, DITCH.. This has absolutely not nutritional value and is making you more hungry, heavier and tired. Start instead, with foods full of enzymes. Enzymes are food catalysts and crucial to your health, as they enable your body to break down food components into usable nutrients. Our intestines and pancreas produce a wide variety of enzymes and all of the foods on the tornado diet program, contain all of these beneficial constituents, or contain bacteria that produce them!

Try Kimchi:

Kimchi is a great option for breakfast. The bacteria in kimchi produce beneficial bacteria. I have try this in clients which are on the tornado diet system. And for multiple times; it works great. In 2014 an issue of the  international journal of biotechnology found that dextransucrase ezyme kimchi bacteria produce breaks down sugas and carbs quickly!

In adition kimchi contains beta carotene, vitamin C. chlorophyll and fiber.

You can also try apricots, kiwis and grapefruits.

2- Snack good fats!

I wouldn’t think about anything better than avocados!

Besides essential fats and few extra grams of protein. Avocados have another essential enzyme call lipase which helps digestion.

Another option is sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Almond butter sandwich with your favorite gluten free bred will be another great option for snack.

3-Eat a good lunch with plenty of fiber and protein in it!

Rainbow salad with quinoa, chickpeas, hemp protein powder or few organic hard boiled eggs is my first option. But wait there! How about barley soup?

Barley has a good amount of digestible protein. And is an excellent source of fiber. Barley is actually one of the oldest consume grains in the world. It was a staple grain for peasants during medieval times for centuries, and today s still included in the diet of many European, Africans and Middle eastern people. I personally use it on my clients diets on a weekly basis, and those who have seen my transformations know that their results speak for themselves!

Another quick easy option is the Tornado whey protein.

It is the best source of protein of its kind and makes a great lunch or dinner. You don’t have to worry about enzymes, it has them in. A whooping 35 grams of digestible  iso whey protein,  NON GMO. And a delicious taste!

Mix it with strawberries or blueberries, and it will make a great substantial breakfast. BEST OF ALL ZERO CHOLESTEROL!


4- Have a second snack and more fiber for cutting off the cravings.

Apples, pomegranate, organic unflavor oatmeal with berries, or Jicamas will do the trick!

5- Put more protein n the tank!

I go with quinoa, farro, chickpeas with avocado salad. Try Amaranth, teff, spelt. These are all great grains you can use on your favorite salads, or mix them with your veggies. Better yet our TORNADO GREEN LEAN JUICE HAS IT ALL.


Work your plan and plan your work!

I hope this story helped you get your cravings off and pls leave your comments below!



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