Drop Weight Fast Eating Light Dinners!


By Jose Fuentes/CN.Blogger

There is one rule  at my my  weight loss center  which never changes:

All my clients must end their day with a light dinner, period.
Food selection always matters. Choose a variety of healthy low fat foods for your eating plan! If you consume a lot of sugar or fatty foods, your blood sugars may drop causing you to need more food to try and perk up your energy level!
Blood sugar levels can fluctuate throughout the day and can also affect your sleep. If you eat late night food high in sugars or fat, you may experience a restless night of sleeping, which can lead to eating extra calories the next day, as you try to stay awake!
My client Jeff keeps things in moderation and chooses a variety of healthy foods that supports his workout program!
Before his work out Jeff has a light dinner such as organic broccoli with asparagus, green peppers and chickpeas. The point is that he fuels himself with a light dinner, before the work out. And after his training session is fruit time!


He loves to have an apple, strawberries, or grapes when he is done with his TRAINING session. Which is pretty much the opposite of most people, who happen to exercise at night. They eat heavy right after their session, spiking their insulin levels and forcing their metabolism to slow down at night, since it has to digest everything before bed. Or the worse case, while in bed!
Water consumption.

Also he drinks more water specially at night, and has helped him staying full and going to bed clean!

He now drinks lots of water, which keep him hydrated and full throughout the day. This practice of eating light at night helps and I hope you put it to work quickly and can lose 30 lbs in 2 months like Jeff did!

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