Bodybuilding Amateur Contest Preparation!

Bodybuilding Contest Preparation


Bodybuilding Amateur Contest Preparation!

Bodybuilding News And Resources:

Thank you for visiting our bodybuilding section. Scroll down the main page and look at our videos, as well as stories related to the topic. Our  sponsored athlete IFBB Pro bodybuilder, Rod Ketchens from Iowa, is our main ambassador, bringing you the best workout routines and bodybuilding information. Our goal is educating you in the areas of:

  • Injury prevention
  • Max out reps (pros and cons)
  • Contest prep
  • Water retention
  • Posing prep
  • Contest prep..And much more

Check our video on Rod The Rock Ketchens, Iowa’s biggest bodybuilder. To see some of the bodybuilding  posing work he has done before his contest. Iowa’s biggest bodybuilder, has decades of experience in the business, his bodybuilding posing techniques are unique, fun and really stand up from other competitors. He is ready to earn his card to the Mr. Olympia contest. His bodybuilding posing work, has been praised by the best in the industry, And he is a true champion in the business. He is available for bodybuilding  diet advice, contest and posing prep. His bodybuilding diet advice goes from start to finish!. These are just some of the small resources we offered at Jose Fit Zone. Why going somewhere else?, when we have a vast amount of bodybuilding resources to help you succeed. Send us an e-mail with all your questions here

Or call us directly within the U.S. at: 973-536-5963

You have nothing to lose and tons of muscle to gain!.

Please visit our store to check our exclusive line of bodybuilding supplements and leave your comments below!

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