Wayne NJ Brazilian Jiu jitsu Expert

Best Brazilian Jiu jitsu In New Jersey


Wayne NJ Brazilian Jiu jitsu Expert

By Jose Fuentes BJJ Practitioner/Blogger/C.S.P.S./MS/CN

It was last year. When I had my 2nd black belt, first in  northern style kung fu years ago and then in Aiki-Jutsu last year. I thought I was done for a while with martial arts. I had to admit my last Sensei, taught me a lot of kicks, target punching, take downs, etc. But not ground work. Thus, I needed to dig deeper into the whole Brazilian Jiu jitsu aspect, right from the core. At 44 years of age, I said to myself: let’s edify my soul, and look for the best Brazilian Jiu jitsu in New Jersey, to take off on my new venture.Best Brazilian Jiu jitsu in NJ, was not easy to find. So many schools popped online, but not the  best brazilian jiu jitsu in NJ. All promised the best instruction. But coming from an extensive martial arts background, since I was 10 years old. I needed the best. There is not room for cockiness, or non sense in my life. Bad asses, or a presumptuous crew. I needed the best. Therefore, I did my due diligence. I found a 7th degree BJJ Sensei, in NJ. Sensei Edson Carvahlo.

Sensei Edson Carvahlo, agreed to meet with me on an interview for my youtube channel. And better yet. He gave me a free lesson in BJJ, I never forget. It was gentle, charming and knew my limitations. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, with years of conditioning athletes from all stages. And in great shape myself. I thought I could handle anything. Grappling was different. I felt muscles I never thought I felt. I became inspired and ready for a new venture!. The school is cleaned and was in the corner of my old neighborhood, decades ago in Paterson NJ. So I couldn’t ask for more. memories of my teen years came to my head, and love the place instantly.

I feel that anyone serious about Brazilian jujitsu in New Jersey, should be training under my Sensei Carvahlo. I have the utmost respect for my school, and has become rather a second home to me. Sensei carvahlo makes me feel like his only student, notwithstanding the amount of students I met on each Saturday’s class. My progress has been enlightening, and, he has taught me respect. Respect for my teammates, respect for my body, and respect for my dojo. This is the first blog on many coming up. But I wanted to post the video first. On the interview I did with Sensei Carvhalo. If you, or, anyone you know are serious about learning Brazilian Jiujitsu. Contact them at link below. That may be the best call you have ever done, if serious about learning BJJ. Warning..BE HUMBLE, AND RESPECTFUL.

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