why vegan dogs live longer?

Why Vegan Dogs Live Longer?


6 years ago I teamed up with my wife to thwart our dogs from eating conventional dog food, and start cooking their meals. Since I am a devoted vegan I did some research and became aware of the benefits of vegetarian grain proteins, green proteins, etc. Then, I no longer asked the question of why vegan dogs live longer?. No surprising to me, once I added  some of the foods I read of, on my dogs’ menu, my now 12 year old male boxer, increased energy, improved digestion, and vet bills went down significantly!

Vegan Dogs Improve Digestion

But it was not always like that, in 2008 my male boxer, had a raised of pancreatic enzymes and the vet wanted him to put him on soft food, I reckoned telling my wife… why don’t we put him on soft food for life?. She got the jitters and reluctantly accepted the challenge. Chicken and rice was common, beef and carrots, and potatoes and turkey was on his menu too. He loved the new routine, and in few months his liver enzymes were back to normal. Then we transitioned to vegetarian food only. As a dietitian myself, I saw a big improvement in my GI and overall digestive system by becoming vegan. Dogs stomach specially boxers have to be 70% smaller than ours. So my first thought was: why not helping our boxers (now two in the house) to improve digestion by thwarting them from the meat and poultry’s hard digestion process, with no benefits in their GI to improve healthy bacteria, and avoid the contaminated fish people are eating all over the world.

Vegan Dogs Are Healthier

To my surprise my dogs health improved a lot more. My female used to get urinary track infections now they are gone, and my male is strong as if he was 3 years old, It has been an amazing experience!. Then, I also received leaflets about the horrors of the diary and meat industry, I did not want to be part of anything like it. And, neither do I want my dogs to touch any of those foods. Food always gets break down in to chemical components, and the softer and easier to digest the better. Stop giving your dog hard food.  A plant based diet for my boxers not only improve their health but made them thrive.

Vegan Food For Dogs Increased Longevity

Average boxers live until 12 years of age, my pet boxer bam-bam is 12 years old and has the energy of a 3 year old pup.
Bam-bam loves meal time and so does my female boxer Deanna. We are able to enjoy them much longer and all due to their plant base diet. If your dog is going through any kind of health issues. You should give this a try, I believe you can extend your pets life, by given them a plant based diet, my dogs in winter time don’t get a lot of exercise. Therefore, their diet has to be excellent. Plus feeding your pets vegan foods, also reduces the environmental stress a flesh base diet imposes on the planet, and of course, no animals have to be abused and kill foods through agribusiness.
But of course besides ethics and health, I have noticed that our dogs flesh based foods, is destroying the planet. A plant based diet for dogs saves a ton of valuable resources, like water and land as compared to a meat based diet. My dogs have thrive on a plant based diet and all my neighbors noticed. For example, a neighbor of mine got her lab put to sleep last week at 12 years old. Labs can live up to 15 years of age but a stomach tumor took this pretty girl. The big puzzle people face is that they don’t know how to do it. But just because you giving your dog flesh, doesn’t mean that’s keeping her healthy. DOGS NEED PROTEIN BUT PROTEIN IS NOT NECESSARILY FOUND IN MEAT!. It is made from aminoacids and plants and provide plenty of these building blocks and nutrients for dogs.

And also think about this one for a second: the only reason you are feeding proteins to to your dogs from the cow, and chicken, is because these animals you are feeding your dog with, EAT PLANTS!

Most animals after being abused by the meat industry are killed and fed with antibiotics and medications through their life. This all ends up meat-dog-base-foods. Much of the meat fed in the dog industry is deemed unfit for human consumption. So please, pause here for a second, and think about this!.

Consider these options to start feeding your dog with veggie proteins:

Pea proteins, quinoa, brown rice, lentils, organic eggs (optional), potatoes.

For more information and to purchase our home made vegan food send us an e mail at: support@josefitzone.com

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why vegan dogs live longer?

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