Weight Loss Skin Removal


Skin Removal After Weight Loss In Morris County NJ

By Jose Fuentes/Shapes R In Founder

In October of last year I have my first case of skin leftover issues after weight loss. It was from a client of mine, who ended up with a staggering weight loss of 320 lbs total! AFTER GRADUATING FROM MY PROGRAM. We cheered after those buoyant results. However, things didn’t go as planned. Months after, he was very uncomfortable with his appearance from skin leftovers. Thereby, we were discussing skin removal options.
Instead, we decided to keep things between the 4 walls of my gym and his kitchen, we stay steady and persistent. As explained to my client Angelo: The skin, expands to contain the underlying fat and can often loose elasticity, if older individuals whose weight was excessive for many years lose weight, the underlying tissue call skin, don’t naturally return to its original size. A number of surgical procedures are available and sometimes necessary when it has been over 100 lbs weight loss. But here is what I recommend based on what helped my client Angelo who lost 380 lbs without any surgical PROCEDURES ON SKIN REMOVAL:

Pinch the area you are concerned with, and if you can grab more than few millimeters of skin, there is more fat in it to lose, until you lose the fat your skin has not reason to return to its normal size and tautness. What everyone forgets is that skin is a living organ, who adapts to  its external and internal environments. As long as the fat is attached to remains, it will sag. For my client Angelo, i didn’t consider removal until he was 10 % body fat. There, we realized that he didn’t have to go through the procedure! he looked tight a toned. Therefore, if you are a man with more than 10 percent body fat who carries lots of skin after an extreme weight loss process, I recommend you wait, till you are 10 % body fat. For women I would say 15%!


1- Hit the gym  everyday. Concentrate on cardio as well as core exercises, hire a professional who can guide you through proper exercises for body toning and tightness!

No coincidentally, these “stubborn” fat stores cling to the as most often associated with loose or excess skin problems, such as lower abdomen, lower back and love handles, hips, thighs and butt!


2-Increase your water intake, go on cycles of distilled water. Over 10 glasses a day would help. Distilled water is H20 it will help you push water off your cells and stimulate your adh hormones for water management. Also use this safe herbal supplement for faster results!

3-Combine enzymes with aloe vera and pineapple. I recommended to Angelo making a smoothie with few pieces of pineapple and 3 quarters of the aloe plant’s gel.

4-Do a thorough detox, I recommend this diet and juice  since excess of toxins and heavy metals can make you feel bloated and get confused with extra skin. Thereby, I suggest this diet for fast acting results:


Cup of black coffee with 1 tbspoon of extra virgin organic coconut oil!



1/5 of cup of figs


Kale, red cabbage,broccoli and ocuscous salad with almonds and flaxseeds


Pineaple and aloe smoothie with a scoop of the Tornado Whey with enzymes in it already!


Bowl of oatmeal and blueberries with cinnamon sprinkled on bowl!



5- Applied aloe vera gel from the plant to your extra skin. Aloe vera tightens your skin, close pores, improve skin texture and helps  your body to look smooth and toned!

Use these 5 strategies to help you reduce and tighten your after weight loss skin. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING ANY FITNESS AND DIET PROGRAM!






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