Vegan Tiramisu Recipe!!


By Claudia Giraldo /Jose Fit Zone Contributor

1 bag of shredded almonds

1 litter of vanilla soy milk

1 cup of brown sugar (or no sugar) if you are a diabetic!

1 cup of hot black coffee

1 small box of your favorites vegan cookies (if they aren’t made with milk and eggs you got them!)

3 tablespoons of cacao powder

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 cup of warm water

3 tablespoons of agar powder



Put in blender 1/2 litter of the  soy milk with shredded almonds . Put on fire with the 3 tablespoons of agar and brown sugar. Let it boil 4 minutes, stir while waiting. Then add the rest of soy milk. Keep stirring 3 more minutes, Then, let it cool down thoroughly.  Then add coffee with warm water and cookies as well. put mix in mold or pan and cover it with shredded cookies and keep repeating till the mix is finished .  Then, mix the cacao powder the sugar and cinnamon and filter it with strainer. Sprinkle it on top mix. Put on the fridge for 3 hours or next day.




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