The Benefits of the Physical Yoga Practice


Morris County NJ Yoga for sleep and relaxation

In Sanskrit, Hatha means Sun (ha) Moon (tha). This represents the polarities in the body. You can think of the inhale as the Sun energy; active and expanding. The exhale then would be the Moon energy; passive and releasing. Morris county NJ yoga for sleep and relaxation, focus in balance these energies throughout the entire body, greater centering and groundedness is achieved.
A balanced yoga practice will strengthen the muscles for stability, increase mobility in the joints for freedom of movement, and provide deeper relaxation for an optimal sleep cycle.
Like most exercises, yoga starts with a warm up before going into stronger poses. Even before the warm up, the practitioner sits in silence. This is to center the mind, set an intention, and get into the zone for the practice.The apex of the practice may include movement for cardiovascular work, holding poses for a considerable length of time for strength, endurance and balance, or a combination. After the apex of the practice, the bodied is cooled down with mindful stretches, concluding with a final resting pose to integrate the efforts of the practice.
Throughout the warmup, apex and cool down, the poses explored are catagorized into back extensions, forward forwards, lateral stretches, twists, arm balances, standing, and inversion poses. All of these positions address different muscle groups, joints, biological systems, and energetic systems (chakras and meridians that are linked to the endocrine system).
Yoga also includes conscious breath work, which effects the nervous system (rest and digest response), oxegenates the blood, allowing all the systems to operate more effectively while calming the mind.
Many people resisting practicing yoga because they’re not flexible. You don’t need to be able to touch you toes to practice yoga. Yoga actually helps with flexibility using the breath and mindfulness. When we relax into stretching the muscles, we can go deeper into the stretch. This is different for everyone.
Other people believe that yoga is boring. There are so many styles available, some include current pop music and dance-like moves. Other yoga styles can get a primative vibe with tribal beats. Astanga Yoga (R) is a challenging flow movement with advanced poses. However, if you’re a beginner, non-athlete, start with a Level 1 beginner, gentle or restorative class.
See you on the mat!

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