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Why Samsung Galaxy S10 Makes The Best Phone in 2019?

I haven’t been excited over a new cell phone since 2015 when bought my first Samsung S6. As a tech aficionado, I always look for the best deals and features on every device I get. Why Samsung Galaxy S10 Makes The Best Phone in 2019?. That is simple: Great cameras, impressive battery life, headphone jack and nice display. But besides that, it has a lot more features than the previous ones. Therefore, I think, I am going for one this week!. This is also because for the first time, Samsung pairs all the galaxy’s prowess with thoughtful usable software. Nay, the past when was all about, the high speed video efforts to compete with iphone and hig resolution pics. This blows out of the water google’s pixel 3. Let’s take a look at the four models out there and let you decide for yourselves!.

S10 ($750 and up)

This phone goes at $750.00 dollars and up. It has a 5.8 inch screen, one front cameras and two rear cameras, and 2x telephoto. It’s fingerprint reader is on the side. The hardware is handsome, although doesn’t fold like the flexible screen Galaxy fold, the S10 does have a lot sharp up grades!. For instance, recent iphones and pixel phones have had a notch in their front display where the cameras go. Samsung took a classier approach, punching a hole in the display. The ultrasonic fingerprint, embedded in the screen, has been fast and reliable. It may take time to automatically find their rigth spot on the screen with your thumb, but once is found, you can unlock the phone without looking. You can use facial recognition, too, and face id. So you can unlock your phone by pointing at your photo. Since thumb and face recognition are useful in different situations, you want a phone that does the two!.

S10 ($900 and up)

I love the 6.1 inch screen and three rear cameras, including a wide angle one. The finger print scanner is embedded in the front screen. With some of the same features as the other S10e . S10 is also cryptocurrency wallet, allows you to view two apps at once, can be controlled with gestures, takes pics when you say cheese’ and lots more.

S10 plus ($1000.00 and up)

Even bigger this one has a 6.4 inch screen and a second camera on the front for selfie portrait effects. S10 plus is the most technical impressive, with up to one terabyte of storage, and 12 GB of ram, it can p air with Samsung Dex desktop emulating software to conceivably be used as your computer.The three cameras that point out of the back of this S10 plus give this phone a remarkable photographic range. Two of the lenses take photos you’ve seen before: one shots at a normal angle, the other at a 2 G telephoto zoom. The third lens goes the other way, offering a much wider view of the picture. It is also ideal for sweeping landscapes. For the selfie enthusiast, the s10 plus offers a second lens on the front. It isn’t a camera but a depth sensor, capturing 3 -D data so the phone can add the same artfully blurred background to shots that others cameras do.

S10 5G

Although no price yet, this phone has a 6.7 inch screen and a fourth lens in the back. It has a big battery and a big screen, for all the movie streaming you want to do with the 5G technology. It is available for a few months.

Finally, most S10 enthusiasts including me, have found after weeks of testing than the S10 is the most cost effective of all new phones out there. I just sold my Android S6 and love the new S10. I feel that Samsung hit a home run here and many of you will agree with me on this one. Please share and leave comments below!

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