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NJ Exercise And Nutritional Programs For Autism

By Jose Fuentes/Jose fit zone founder/CN-CPT

When I met Ryan and his brother, I knew, it was going to be a challenged to hit the weight loss goals I promised to their  mother. Ryan was an autistic kid who was very overweight, and needed a boost on his confidence. Daniel has ADHD and needed to channel his energy on something positive. Therefore, their mom thought exercise was the help he needed for their disorder.

At first we started slow the most important part of the equation was the diet.

As a certified holistic health counselor and owner of shapes r in fitness, a clinic that specializes on exercises for brain disorders, in Denville NJ. I’ve had my share of experience helping children with disabilities.

The most recent statistics indicate approximately 1 in 88 children in the U.S are on the spectrum.

Autistic manifestations usually begin to appear between the first and second year of life and include delays or abnormalities in language and complex behavior, social interactions, repetitive behavior or unusual interests and preoccupations. According to The Autism Society there is no single cause of autism and most cases involve a combination of genetic risk factors, environmental factors and very early brain development.

The first thing I did was going through a thorough intestinal detox with Ryan and Daniel here is why:

Studies published by Autism Speaks show that a set of biochemical pathways (methylation, transsulfration and sulfation) tend to function sub-optimally for those with autism. These pathways are involved in detoxification, heavy metal elimination, digestion, immune function and gut integrity.

Gastrointestinal symptoms and inflammation are very common for those on the spectrum. These include diarrhea, constipation, bloating and GI pain.

Gut inflammation is typically caused by food sensitivities and an overabundance of unhealthy bacteria in the gut. Impaired digestion causes nutrient deficiencies and impaired cellular function, which manifests as poor brain function and immune system deficiencies. When food is not broken down properly, as is the case with food sensitivities, it leads to foggy thinking, insensitivity to pain, withdrawal and irritability.

So in order to heal the gut we started with a diet rich in fiber, and lean proteins. We got into a 3 days a week exercise program with plenty of cardiovascular activity. Throughout the course of our sessions. I make sure that he was consuming plenty of digestive enzymes that not only break down sugars and fats but help digest every process of food consumption for that reason I went with the best enzymes in the market. The tornado enzymes!

Also The most common culprits of food sensitivities are gluten, casein and soy. Other common physical symptoms are frequent infections, trouble sleeping, non-localized pain/inflammation and ‘brain fog’. These symptoms are typical of yeast overgrowth and excessive toxins. So I recommend the tornado 7 day detox. Which does a through cleansing without damaging good flora in the intestines.

There is a clear connection between the brain and the gut. Supporting the physical symptoms for Both Daniel and Ryan  through diet would increase overall health and should reduce the severity of symptoms.

Also I needed to entrench fortified habits In order to heal the gut, it was important to eat a diet rich in foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil (fatty fish such as salmon and sardines), flax seeds and walnuts to reduce any existing gut inflammation. We did lots of protein pancakes with the only mix that has the peptide binding elements to be delivered properly in to the gut, and with no cholesterol and low sodium!. The Tornado fit mix. The only NON GMO MIX that I recommend for people with these kind of disorders. It’s a clean mix with a great taste. Considering that these boys were 15, 16 years of age!

As far as exercise, we stepped up the intensity after 2 weeks,  with plenty of strength training. Rowing machine sessions, and core exercises. Both Ryan and Daniel lost about 70 lbs combined. They put themselves unreservedly on a great diet that brought results and relief to their mom and themselves!.

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