Morris County NJ Fitness And Nutrition For Cancer Survivors

NJ Exercise And Nutrition For Cancer


Morris County NJ Fitness And Nutrition For Cancer Survivors


By Jose Fuentes/CN/CPT


I was flabbergasted when found how much cancer rates have increased in the garden state the past few years. According to the American Cancer Association. New Jersey is one of the top 10 states with the highest rates of Cancer, in the entire country. The lack of activity that many people do, who have been blessed enough to conquered cancer, after being in remission IS SURPRISINGLY HIGH. For some individuals who have suffered this condition, it’s rarefied to even think that an exercise approach can help them gain some of the losses they had while in chemotherapy. Even worst, some patients led themselves astray, by going through the very old habits that made them sick in the first place.

Although a lot of times Doctors recommend; rest, and reduced physical activities, this is good advice, if movement causes pain, rapid heart rate or shortness of breath. Notwithstanding these claims, newer research have shown that exercise is not only safe and possible during cancer treatment but it can improve how well you function physically, and the quality of your life. But the error of those who lent too much to the side of doubt, have bring this subject to; “post exercise programs for after cancer”. I can thus write more confidently of what methods one should use when on remission or through the post cancer phase. (But the latter or post phase, nevertheless can’t be apart from the former).


1- Get into  a flexibility regimen. The sedentary lifestyle that individuals with cancer adopt, reduces their elasticity on the joints. Making the body stiff and achy.Stay flexible, join a tai chi class, yoga class or flexibility class. They are different types of stretching. You can click here to find out more about it and chose the one fits your current needs.

2- Do breathing exercises. You lungs must be able to keep oxygen storage at a proper rate. This will help you engage in various activities, having the confidence of always preserved oxygen storage in your lungs. Learn how to breathe through your diaphragm rather than lungs. These will help you get more endurance and will improve your cardiovascular activity.

3-Do 20 Minutes Of Cardio. This is not only recommended it by the American Society Of Cancer, but also extremely important after the menace of chemotherapy. To engage your energy production cells by doing cardiovascular activity. Cells such as mithocondria, glycolitic and other cells that burn fat and produce energy and power in your body.Cardio is also vital to strengthen and conditioning  your entire system. Anything from a walk on the treadmill to a light jog, elliptical, bike or circuit training is perfect to begin with.!

4-Do Resistance Training. A program with weights will increase your muscle tissue production, decrease fat, and strengthen vital muscle parts that will help your body’s recovery. Many people during cancer treatments, gain excess of fat, feel tired, weak, and; experience a lost of muscle tone.

5-Strenghten You Core Muscles. Your core is the most important part in your body,the perfidy of magazine trends promoting 6 pack abs as a strong core is farther from the truth. Core it is the glue who holds your body. Try exercises, that engage your hips such as the abductor and adductor machines. Bridges on a yoga ball. Curl ups on the floor etc. Keep your stomach muscles tight at all times and add planks into your work out regimen.

6- Add Aquatic Fitness. For this one, you want to get clearance with your Doctor. first due to the levels of chlorine at pools. Nevertheless, water resistance can strengthen your muscles at a very low impact rate. Therefore, it will keep your body strong and pain free. Water resistance can also improve your mobility and flexibility. Check my entire program for aquatics and its benefits by clicking here!

The perfidy of those who still believe an exercise program is detrimental while on cancer treatments or post treatments is totally inconclusive. Start an exercise program that suits your needs. At Shapes R In we have a program for your needs and have experience treating and prescribe a fitness programs for; cancer patients. For over 20 years. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!




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