Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss For Children

NJ Child Obesity the New Epidemic!


Morris County NJ  Best Weight Loss For Children

By Jose Fuentes/CPT/CN/BLOGGER

Children fitness at shapes r in have grown dramatically since 2010. The fickleness of the school food  Government programs have caused more confusion and anger among parents and educators. Today, as the head of: Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss For Children”  I want to share a core of verities, that  will help your child immediately to recover good health. And, most importantly to boost  their self-esteem by feeling and looking better.

There are some insane statistics about child obesity in the US.  As a Morris County NJ Best Weight Loss For Children, I have used unerringly methods on my many children weight loss transformations, have given me the green light to teach you a thing or 2!

The vernaculars of the children’s health programs in our country are letting us down. thereby, without further delaying, here is what you need to know and do, if you have a child who is suffering from overweight issues:

Rates of obesity in children in the U.S. are more than double (and for adolescents, quadruple) than what they were in 1980. A reality that has profound implications for fitness and society.  Food marketing influences, children food’s selections and diet, and for this reason, it has highly scrutinized by high level officials, regulators and civil society institutions. Marketing unhealthy food and beverage products, exposes companies to significant and growing regulatory, reputational and even litigation risks, which can be bearing on financial performance!

Our purpose on this article is to help you make better choices for your children. By building diet and exercise programs that can immediately benefit your children and put them on the path to get health.

The Diet Process:

From my experience the worse things anyone can tell a child is that we are cutting their favorite foods for healthy foods. What I have done at my practice is the contrary. I substitute their favorite foods for similar foods that will enable them to lose weight and feel better almost immediately.For example: An apple with organic almond butter instead of their GMO cherrios with zero nutritional value. Vanilla or strawberry organic yogurt, instead of their favorite ice cream. Organic NON GMO GLUTEN FREE PASTA WITH LOW SODIUM CHEESE, instead of macaroni and cheese. Watermelon homemade juice instead of their favorite soda. Organic protein pancakes instead of GMO WAFFLES!

I have to say that applying those techniques, my fitness, body transformations and lifestyle change record track on children is the highest I have ever seen in NJ!

The Exercise Process:

Start with walking with your children around the neighborhood. Take the dog for a walk. Encourage them to do short sprints, Squats, curl up sit ups and push ups. Enroll them into activities that will keep them active. You have to keep revising their eating habits nonetheless. Increase their water intake 10% weekly and gradually more. After school activities are great, and keep them busy. However, that will not be as hard as keep them away from Mcdonalds and the ice cream stores. For that reason, make sure there is always plenty of snacks with them. Exercise will open their appetite. For that reason you must be creative and consistent with their food options.

Check the before and after pics from my client Stephy who has lost over 30 lbs since she turned 12 till today. And, watch her video below, where she is working out while having tons of fun!

Finally show some love. My favorite part of the training is when I get to say to my mini client..”I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!” “YOU ARE AMAZING!” I BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”!

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