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How a Jersey Mom Lost 20 Lbs in just a month


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By Jose Fuentes CPT/CN/Blogger

Michelle from Oakridge NJ, needed a quick boost to get her weigh down, as well as new ways of dieting and exercising. Like most people, she tried few things before, THAT, were only taking her to a yo-yo stage.

How the process worked for Michelle:

On day one,  I noticed she had a combination of visceral and subcutaneous fat, her hormones were dormant, I also suspected, she had candida, which is fungus created in the intestinal walls, due to bad dieting habits  and excess of gluten.

These are the steps we follow, so you can emulate some of these stages to help your weight loss goals:

1-Detox your body the vegan way. When you feed your body with foods rich on enzymes, probiotics, anti expectorants, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory plants and herbs, you start replacing food items that had empty value for your body and weight loss needs.

2-Take plenty of vitamin B6 and magnesium, potassium foods, either through supplements like the POWERFUL TORNADORETIC, or seek them in your grocery isle. I recommend these  things to Michelle: Dandelion leaves, parsley, cilantro, lemons, grapefruits.

3-Don’t get stuck on drinking water like a mad camel! Your water should be integrated properly into your weight management routine. Drink water before your showers, drink warm to hot water in the morning. That will raise your GI temperature to destroy fat and process foods effectively.  Lots of people are timorous of starting these things  when a new program. Particularly, when is different. But after a long way of dieting with my system, Michelle, and many others become Palliate of some of the distress that a new lifestyle and diet change causes on people’s routine.

4-Resulute to stay away from the kitchen table after 6 or 7 pm. If you need to feed your cat, dog, kids, husband, in laws or whoever else lives with you. GUESS WHAT..They are not on a diet, and if they are they should join the efforts. Otherwise, feed them and do not participate in dinning what you are not supposed to, the first thing, you must understand at all costs is this: Nothing will work if you don’t make the effort. Organize your meals to be done at 7 pm the latest. You are an adult, and can get it done!

5-Eat Jicama. Michelle loves Jicama. And, I could tell from Michelle’s countenance, how much, she was surprise when I told her that fruit was key for her weight loss goals. Not because I gave the same diet to everyone, Was simply because,  I read and study  Michelle’s body thoroughly, and I  knew the correct foods for her. Jicama contains fiber, alkaloids and other weight loss nutrients, which  help my client to end those  gloomy days!

6- I kept her work outs low impact, with lots of peripheral heart rate action moves. Multi-joint compound moves, we have achieve great success!.  The very first thing Michelle’s husband told me before she started was; ‘she is very strong and can handle weights with no problems’. I faced situations where women who are strong, feel the need to lift weights like they want to bulk up without even realizing the effects of work outs like that.

On the contrary, For Michelle, I am keeping her active, working on the Tornado Fitness Circuits, bands and everything else, you see below on the video we made.

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