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12 Incredible tips to transform your body in 12 weeks


Parsippany NJ  12 Week Weight Loss System

Parsippany NJ 12 Week Weight Loss System. Can help  anyone to attain weight loss and good health. 12 week transformation programs, seem to be the new trend on most gyms and weight loss clinics. Problem is that, when dieters ask how each of the 12 weeks looks like. THERE IS NOT PLAN, ass each week progresses. And, the next question always is : Can I lose a considerable amount of weight in 12 weeks?

This is a question I heard consistently from most people attempting to lose weight, particularly on the month of January!. I reckoned the first time I planned my 12 week system,making exact calculations for each week . Those calculations needed to be  as perfect as a mathematical geometry  equation. Everything from: water consumption to intestinal health. Notwithstanding my experience,  as a transformation expert, I never stop revising new scientific methods for  exercise weight loss and nutritional  studies. I am confident that since many of my clients and dieters have lost may pounds with our system, and changed their lifestyle. Yes you can lose a significant amount of weight quickly  if a 12 week plan is well designed for your needs and goals. For the  purpose of collecting more information for each and every individual!. After been resolved hundreds of cases from very overweight individuals, who have not just lost a substantial amount of weight, but also sustained the results, I have the logistics to be laid out here, of what I considered: a 12 week transformation program should look like, step by step!

And of course our record speak for itself. As year after year, you can see there is hundreds of people who have graduated an make their goal in less or 12 weeks max!

NJ best transformation system

NJ best transformation system

12 Week Weight Loss SYSTEM REIMAGINED:

Week 1- What does your body’s fat look like? Subcutaneous or Viceral

Before your trainer. dietitian, nutritionist, weight loss guru, starts talking of body types, Blood type diet, or any of those theories. That professional, should be able to identify at a glance what type of body fat is in your body. Then, the right approach must be taken. How the accumulated weight in your body looks like?; Is it hard encrusted  in your belly?. And, that is what we called (viceral fat). Is it soft and jiggly? That is fat turn into water weight. Those observations, will determine what approach  to take next. Usually hard weight should be treated more carefully. Detoxifying your body with foods, which can clean your bladder, liver and intestines is a good way to start. On the other hand, soft skin, means water retention, thereby,  increasing your water intake, as well as adding foods, that act as diuretics, is the right approach!. Lowering your sodium intake is also a great way to start getting rid of the weight. As for the exercise part, a cardio and core balance approach is the way to go on both!

Week 2- Water loss Diet. Diary Free Choices.  Exercise. And, Weight Loss:

I go for things such as:


parsley water



lemon water

Dandeloin leaves

Tornadoretic (safe plant based diuretic)

Red cabbage


Cut off diary: Cheese, yogurt, milk, even eggs get rid of them for a week. Diary is never digested properly. It usually stays in your intestinal walls and generates fungus. Get rid of it for a week, or,  better yet for life!

As for the work outs, on the second week I like to intensify the strength training regimen with more reps as well as more endurance activities. Step ups, core reps on my patent invention. The tornado blazer, etc.

Week 3- Detox Diet. Exercise.And, Weight Loss

Add things such as:








Brussels sprouts

Tornado 7 day detox

As for the work outs, we start our mat training. 80% of the routine is on the mat, for core conditioning and inch reduction.

Week 4-Portion Control Habits. Exercise. And Weight Loss

Six meals is the general rule. Trust me, it has work for everyone here!. The  3 BY 3 rule: 3 meals/ 3nacks/3 glasses of 8 0z water before shower, before bed, before lunch. Each portion. must be  colorful and the size of your fist. Your salads, protein portions, as well as single items for snacks, such as:


1/2 nuts

1/2 grapes

1/2 figs

1/2 berries

Everyone without exemption should be drinking 10 glasses of water a day including the ones on my 3 by 3 formula! Furthermore, everyone must be out of the kitchen table at 7 pm!


Week 5-Enzyme Food Loading. Exercise. And Weight Loss

Clean easy way to get all my enzymes together for the program is simply the ‘tornado dairy free shakes’. And the tornado enzymes. Then, for food,  I recommend: berries, pineapple, avocados and grapefruit. Since they also contain essential enzymes. Enzymes are crucial to your health as they enable your body to break down food components into usable nutrients. Your intestines and pancreas produce a wide variety of enzymes, and certain foods contain these beneficial constituents or contain bacteria that produce them.

For the exercise part, we start with body weight exercises on the yoga ball, Trx training, tornado blazer machine,  and back to mat exercises.

Week 6-Plant base choices for a total reset. Exercise. And, Weight Loss.

This is the best part, because your intestines remained steadfast in her course of creating a clean ecosystem.

Foods like: nopal, cilantro, avocados, jackfruit, asparagus,beets, shitaki and white mushrooms do the trick. On this week I like to stay focus with strength training, since the diet do the trick for weight loss, cardio is out and my focus is toning and, diet, diet!


Week 7-Cheating methods, Lose Weight While YOU ON PIZZA!

Everyone on the tornado program is welcomed to cheat. Clients, after losing a ton of weight refused to cheat!. However,  Its not a lifestyle unless you have a prefer meal a day or two during the week. Anything! Pizza, pasta, pancakes (specially if is our pure protein tornado  pancake mix). The key is staying focus after that cheating meal. Low sodium, low carbs, high enzymes, high protein digestible sources, etc!

The amount of core work on every week from this point on, is doubled. We give homework to our clients to do at home, and most importantly, recommend to increase cardio activity.



Week 8-Hormonal Reset. Exercise, And Weight Loss.

Your weight loss hormones are a key part of this body transformation system. For that reason, we believe that your endocrine activity needs to be in tuned in every step we take on week 8th. For example, weight loss hormones such as your thyroid, need to be fed with things that will stimulate your gland. Getting FOODS WITH HIGH thyrosine amino content,  will boost your thyroid levels. Another example, is the hormone cortisone. Cortisone is a weight loss blocker; this hormone increases, when you under stress situations. Cortisol is released from the adrenal glands, when you feel anxious or face any type of physical or mental stress. It’s also released during activities you might not think of as stressful, such as when you wake up in the morning and during exercise.

Leptin is another hormone we  get under control, leptin plays an important role in appetite control, metabolism and weight loss. It is your body’s natural weight control mechanism. And the great thing about leptin is, that has been  produced naturally in the body.Therefore, foods that will stimulate leptin levels are crucial in this 12 week transformation system.

As for the work outs. There is not a better way to stimulate your hormonal system that strength training, therefore we put every amount of effort to build your weekly work outs with free weights and machines!

When a trainer tells you, I don’t use machines, your body is your own  weight to proceed lifting’. Be very skeptical of this individual’s knowledge of the endocrine system.


Week 9-Infusion water. Exercise And Weight Loss

Infused water can be easily adapt to 1 or 2 meals a day during week 9. It is a great practice to reset your intestinal good bacteria, and to proliferate more enzymes. You simply mix water with either of these choices:  a sliced kiwi, aloe juice, oranges or lemons!. But, it could be really anything nutritious, pineapple, strawberries, etc!

Also can be known as; fruit flavored water, or fruit infused water; infused water, and again, it can generally be any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in cold water.

While infused water has the benefit of being full of flavor, it also has no calories, making it a very powerful tool in your efforts to lose weight and gain better health.


Week 10-Candida Diet. Exercise And Weight Loss

Candida is a fungus that is created and fed easily, stored in your GI. Candida  is a big weight loss inhibitor and turns your digestive system upside down. Not allowing it to process efferent information to your brain, to steadfast hormones that need to be up to speed. This fungus can be easily killed with the following:

Lemon water

Apple cider vinegar

Aloe vera juice, among other food items.

Reduce any kind of bacteria consumption in your body!, such as: yogurt, cabbage, and anything that feed this fungus. As for exercise, we like to stay active with cardio and endurance activities, since that increases osmolarity, helping you get rid of water and harmful toxins!

Week 11-20/20/20 diet. (fiber) (enzymes) (thermogenics) For a total fat meltdown!

Oatmeal, oranges, broccoli,aloe juice, nopal, jicamas are a great source of fiber which will make up a big part of this diet’s fiber part!

Pineapple, avocados, berries are part of the enzyme loading as well as our  tornado green juice protein product, which gets all the extra enzymes your body needs with a whooping 50 grams of green digestible protein per serving!

Last but not least; is the thermogenic equation added to this!

Anything that will raise your body’s temperature works great!

Cayenne pepper

Cinnamon powder

Juniper berries tea

Green tea

And our brand new tornadobolic fat burner does the trick!

As for the work outs, we go with cardio, weights and core exercises on circuits of 3 times for each set. Or what is better call “peripheral hear rate action” . The key with this work outs in week 11th, is to reach  your target  heart rate weight loss  zone, constantly through each work out, so you become a burning furnace machine!

Week 12. Protein Diet. (The Tornado  perfect Protein Diet)  Exercise And Weight Loss.

Most digestible protein sources, for weight loss. The untold true about protein sources for weigh loss.

To the degree in which you understand how protein sources are metabolized in your body for weight loss purposes, you will understand what protein foods you really need for your goals!

When it comes to weight loss, focus on these protein  items 80% of your journey:


Whey digestible proteins; like the ‘tornado whey protein.







These are part of the proteins we build into our client’s diets. Minimize the following:

Soy sources

Meat sources

Dairy sources

On this stage we welcome back light weight training procedures for exercise as well as well as calisthenics for muscle tone!

Now that you have come across to the perfect 12 week transformation guidance, it is time for you to put this information in to practice. If you need 1 to 1 guidance, don’t forget to reach our Weight management, and personal training page!

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