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Why your weekend Booze Is Making You Fatter


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By Jose Fuentes/CN/Blogger

No matter how much we are trying to eat healthy,  how much you feel on target with goals with the new diet, you are doing. Or, new weight loss plan. You will still need your social life or down time back, This must be integrated to your lifestyle, sooner, rather than later. In my view to be able to create a  successful, weight management system for an individual’s needs. The thwarting of the cheating days of any diet, could be detrimental and can induce the person to fall back to the old habits. For that reason, I believe people should be allowed to have dessert once in a while, as well as ice cream, or a cheating meal. Heck, even a little booze, is okay.

The food and drug administration finally seems to understand that health conscious individuals need answers when it comes to alcoholic beverages.So they are forcing restaurant chains to disclose caloric content on the menus. And what you are about to find is shocking!

Many restaurants chains starting will require chains like Applebes, TGI Fridays and others, to list calories next to all their menu items. And that includes alcohol.

Menus at chillis for instance will soon tell patrons a margarita packs 300 calories and a 12 ounce bottle of budwiser contains 150.

For the first time restaurants across the country will have to list the caloric content of alcoholic beverages through some outlets in states like New York and California already do so. In an industry where calories have been a relative mystery, the federal rule which applies to chains with 20 or more outlets-we provide a new level of transparency about the often overlook calories in alcohol.

Studies have found calorie counts can influence food choices. Cochrane, a health focus research network, last month published finding showing that when food calories are disclosed on, menu dinners, orders have 7.8% fewer calories. Research on how calorie counts affects drinking are scant, but there is some evidence that such information, might curb consumption.

A study published last year in the academic journal preventive medicine, estimated that imbibers, in jurisdictions with menu labeling requirement, consume on average 2% less than those in  locales without mandates. So if you think that your weekend booze is just ok, and not part of the saturated amount of calories, you already consume, please think twice!.

Whatever your motivations are to drink a cocktail or a glass of wine, should overpower concern about your waist line. Or a margarita that is boost with tequila and almost 500 calories each. Figure that one out yet?. It means two of those add an extra 1000 calories to your diet. That is, if you like it unsalted. But if you drink it salted, that’s a whole new issue, since salt makes us swelled  like balloons.

So here is the list I rescued, online before was removed  from some restaurants who already post the calories on some of their alcoholic beverages:

Applebees perfect margarita….310 calories

Chillis premium long island ice tea….290

Gordon’s London dryin and scheppes tonic…202

Lagunitas IPA….190

Bud light…110

Blossom hill Californian wine….105

Sminrof No 21 red vodka and club soda…98

Jhonnie walker black labelon the rocks….98

Campo viejoRioja…97

Note:Calories shown are per standard drink size. Wine is 50z, beer 12 oz. Spirit shots 1.5 oz.

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