How I lost 80 lbs Gain it Back, Lost it AGAIN!!


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Weigh gain after a huge weight loss can wreck havoc your self esteem. Furthermore, it can be irreparable damage to your metabolism when you are over 30 years of age and the weight you lost was over 50 lbs.

A lot has to do with learning to  maintain the weight loss; or look at programs like the biggest loser and other shows whose members have gained  the weigh back and never lost it again!. There is implicit scarcity in many of the weight loss programs available in this country. No one will ever be able to maintain a 50 lbs weight loss on lettuce and tuna!.  A new report in the: New England Journal Of Medicine.  Examines the claim that over 80% of dieters regain lost pounds within a year or two of losing them. Is this just a battle of wills  or a biological reason as to why we seem to gain those stubborn pounds so easily?

I am going to speak for myself and my only experience, which I will share in the following lines. My client, Marie came in 2010 with a thyroid disorder. She lost 80 lbs and gain the weigh back. After now,  carefully losing 80% of  the gain weigh  and feeling great, here is what I found:

No one goes back willingly to gain weigh because they got lazy, or put it back in purpose. This mainly has to do with hormones. Hormones, actually encourage your body to eat more after you lose weigh. Gaining the weigh back can be very easily specially if you are eating a low calorie diet.

Biologically, once your body loses weigh on this type of diet, these hormones actually tell your body to eat more, to conserve more energy, and to store fuel as fat! , therefore any diet with few calories will cause you to not only stale but also damage your metabolism. Lets say my client Marie did not have that problem but her personal situation is very similar to many out there.  Thereby, here is some of these causes and  how to overcome each situation:

  • Stress. Life is not perfect. You have to know that when stress arrives, the very first thing your body will look for, in order to stay momentarily calm; is FOOD!

Plan walks, when you feel stress over any situation. Grab your before pictures and look at yourselves. Compare your past with present, and, decide what you do from that point on.

  • No drinking water. Many people, just forget about how important water consumption is as part of your weigh loss. Water flushes out toxins, and regulates your body’s temperature. You just can’t afford given it up!
  • Negative lazy friends. Friends, are usually happy for our victories and sad for our defeats. But watch, some of them without meaning this, tried to drag us in to our old dreadful habits. SAY NO TO LATE PARTIES. SAY NO TO LATE EATING, SAY NO TO EXCESS OF ALCOHOL!
  • I forgot to snack. No snacking, is a huge mistake, specially when you are stress or busy. Staying full is extremely important. Therefore, make sure your snacks are from rich fiber sources and low calories. Fiber keeps you full and maintain a healthy ecosystem in your intestines.
  • No motivation to exercise. Part of my client Marie’s issues before the weigh was gained again, was her schedule, BEFORE YOU KNOW, YOU ARE BOMBARDED with family requests, issues and work stress. If your work outs are not done in the morning, you leave yourself vulnerable to luck! Act and get your exercise early!
  • Have ALWAYS A CHEATING DAY. Reward yourselves once a week. Have everything you want in a meal. If your main course is pizza and a glass of wine plus tiramisu for dessert. Then go for it. You will wake  up happy the next day  that you put 3 or 4 lbs more  in just a  day. Because you know how to lose the weigh gain quickly! JUST GOING BACK TO BASICS.
  • CONTROL YOUR SODIUM INTAKE. Anything that says low fat low sugar is not always  GOLD. Always look for sodium charts. If the sodium is over 70 mg. SAY NOT TO IT! Sodium is the most dangerous INGREDIENT IN FOODS, it causes, inflammation and water retention. Deteriorates your diuretic hormones, and will slow down your weight loss goals.

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