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I had a phenomenal time speaking at various events at the start of 2018. As I am teaching people the best and fastest route for weight loss and health. I have also spoken about self respect, self governed, and how to keep the right mindset. After two decades of research in the weight loss and health industry, I have cracked down the code.Find solutions to many of the health issues, we face as a society.  As a result, anyone I come across that gives me 100 percent, gets 100 percent results. Therefore, they  get to their ideal weight. Whether this individual has an overeating disorder, diabetes, came out of surgery and gained weight, or have endocrine issues. They become, lean and healthy in a matter of months.

But the real challenge is training the individual’s  mind to overcome situations in life that are out of their control. These situations, simply make these individuals go back to their old habits. It’s something that the best weight loss coach can not teach. What I find is that when I install in people’s minds  a set of thoughts that teach self-respect and self control, the individual can beat any adversity and keep the weight off for life!.

For example; I have a client whose son became addicted to drugs, and took a toll on her, after losing 120 lbs she put the weight back in a year. You may ask. How the heck a weight loss coach can deal, or help again someone, who, he  mentored for 1 year to accomplished such a milestone, and, AGAIN  sees her obese and with low self-esteem?

It’s simple, it has nothing to do with health, and weight loss  science. And everything to do with their mind set.

At my speeches, I always encourage everyone to stand up and take action, start moving, feeling their body squatting and jumping, it doesn’t matter if they are 50, 100 or 10 people listening. That moment becomes all about the individual, it is a connection they made immediately with their body. It doesn’t matter if they can half squat or full squat, if they can or cannot jump. By standing up and trying, they feel they are in control. And the best part, is that no one cares who is looking by their side!, it is a wonderful experience. The “I” experience, the “I’m alive experience” is unique. Then, I proceed speaking about toxic outside forces. Of people who surround us and play a big part in our behavioral life. People that are comfortable where they are and need companionship. These individuals when thwarted by these experiences without being prepared to walk away, can easily be influenced and pulled to the old habits, by “in some cases” their love ones or friends. Shielding ourselves from these situations is vital to accomplish our goals in life, generally speaking. When I speak of “the love ones” who want us to fail unconsciously, people  acquiesce the premise. Let me explain to  you why I said this: coming from a very conservative Spanish background I was told to do whatever the male figure in my house commanded. It was fine till I turned 18 years old, and decided to go on my own. Every proposal brought to my father’s attention about my life after I moved out of the house, seemed to be wrong. He wanted me to become  someone I hated to be. After years of that toxic relationship, I stopped telling him about my plans. The results were great. I learned to keep things to myself, and felt less pressure as well. Does my father love me? of course, THERE IS NOT DOUBT OF IT. But identifying the cons of my relationship, helped me achieve greater goals, and made me a stronger person. Do you get my point?

I boast to my audience:  ‘when we want change, we can’t pretend to find a facsimile, of those which we have been accustomed to. Our entire process will begin in a different manner. And we must be prepared for it!. Meet new obstacles, new achievements, even new people!

Self Respect:

There is many books on self achievement, audios on self motivation, but very few material about self respect. I have always brought this up on my speeches. No one will love me more than what I love myself. No one will care about me more than what I  care for myself!. Respecting myself to the core, is the first step to be happy within me. If I take others people’s junk, if get angry at someone for not agreeing with my views, I am simply letting those emotions to destroy me. When we respect ourselves we can find the good within us. By centering our attention on what it truly matters. I respect myself, therefore, I won’t participate in gossip. I respect myself, therefore, I will stop making my gut a garbage can. I respect myself therefore, i will stop contaminating my body with nicotine and alcohol. This is a crucial step that I urge my audience not to skip when it comes to self change, and setting up new goals.

Self Govern:

As a adults we need to create habits that allow us to remain focus in our goals. But without losing our identity. We have wonderful qualities as human beings, we perfect physically and biologically, we are smart and are build with a wonderful gift call character. Nonetheless, as long as we don’t learn, self governance is impossible to leap to the person we want to become. A self governed individual is such person who knows how to say no to something which would obstruct their journey. Someone who is not afraid to be critic by others for something she believes, and finally these individuals who have master the art of self governance, are those whose lives are not give circles around others, neither others give circles around them.They are perfectly fine by themselves, they are happy with themselves, and accept things as they are, and,  not as they want them to be.

Weight Loss And Health:

Once we are not longer with the notion, that everyone owes us something, and the world must give circles around us, that people who love us have the right to interfiere with our journeys. The magic starts happening.

Then, I proceed to speak about nutrient timing. How to start a successful meal plan and how to schedule it in their daily tasks.

Also, proceed with a healthy food plan,  so my audience don’t just lose weight but also learn what foods contain alkaloids and phytonutrients to keep us going. Avoid sickness, reduce stress, inflammation and give us more energy. That itself. Reduce absenteeism for the company, increases work morale and make people more productive.

Then we talk about hormones and weight loss. Our hormones are the body’s  command center and we must understand how they work. How they get released in the weight loss process.

Finally the exercise rules who made my “Tornado Fitness Program” Successful. How to exercise, when, why, and what exercises are easy to integrate in a busy person’s lifestyle.

All these things mentioned, have indeed made my speeches interesting and compelling. With over 100 speeches since 2006. I feel the proven data, which I bring to audiences, make people to take action on the spot. If your company is ready to take their lives in to the next level of health and fitness. Give us a call today: 973-536-5963

To your health!

Jose Fuentes/Keynote Speaker

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