Business-Marketing Strategies For Growth In NJ!

The dynamics of business and marketing have changed enormously the last five years!. Never mine the last 10 or 20 years. Blockbuster dominate, then Netflix top of them, tower records existed, today people stream records on spotify. Yellow cab ruled, then Uber came!. Business-Marketing strategies for growth in NJ. Will allow any enterprise in a competitive market to boost profitability, and sustain business gr

NJ Business Planning Strategies.

What is your business plan?, your mission statement?, your marketing resources?. It is amazing to see how many start ups launch a business without basic concepts in writing, such as: growth planning, yearly advertising campaigns, and much more!. Your enterprise  cannot aspire to achieve  competitive advantage if you can’t sustain a successful business model year after year.

The attrition rate has increased in recent years. Technology has kicked in, and, still amazes me the lack of expertise in web marketing and seo design on companies who struggle with sales and marketing tactics. At times their marketing team don’t even know how to create a successful  landing page for lead generation. Or can’t understand the power of synonyms on  words for a successful digital marketing key word campaign. Further more, many of these companies keep throwing money away on social media marketing campaigns, ignoring that GOOGLE IS STILL THE KING OF SEARCH AND FOUND CONTENT’.  When it comes to digital marketing, GOOGLE RULES.

NJ Marketing Consulting For Success!

Who we are?

We have specialized the past 5 years in business marketing consulting in  NJ. We started to focus our vision in Gyms and medium size fitness studios for  profit growth. Nonetheless, our business tactics have driven other industries attention, therefore, our business and marketing strategies have successfully applied to any other industries in any state across the U.S. Shapes R in LLC’s  business’ ecosystem methods work in any field!. With 20 years of successful experience in business, driving sales each month through successful marketing campaign FUNNELS,  and unique  advertising methods. We thrive for two decades with private equity and venture capital partnerships, working along with us. We accomplished 6 successful exits “:

1-Patent rights for a core machine (Tornado blazer)

2-Our e-commerce store, booming everyday!

3-Our Personal training system who dominate NJ for over 15 years

4-The launch of our Jose Fit Zone micro- blog coded with the best technology with tools learned by Mr. Fuentes (JFZ Founder) as a self taught programmer

5-Shapes R In Supplements LLC. Health and bodybuilding supplements, with over 20 different patent mixes. Our supplements are shipped  to Asia and Latin America as well as sold in great volume in the U.S.

6-Our Tornado diet Software, launched 10 years ago, was used to avoid nutritional pitfalls, adding exact micro ad macro nutrient ratios, meal customization, recipe and grocery lists for each dieter.

Our Business and marketing analytics include the following questions:

1-What would you do as a company to thrive?

2-What would you don’t do?

3-How  would you create advantage over your competitors?

4-What’s unique about your company that is different than the rest?

We will teach you strategies that emphasize basic growth concepts often overlooked by most small medium  business companies in particular. These include:

1-Strategy drives structure in your enterprise?.

2- Or structure drives strategy?

3-Why do some firms perform better than  yours?

4-What is your industry attractiveness

5- What’s your winning aspiration?

6-Where will you play?

7-What managements systems are required to implement the strategies.

8-Use our 4 step formula for success: adapt, evolve.iterate, experiment.

9-If you are a start up, learn what are the barriers to entry in your particular industry. How to break through and develop competitive advantage faster than any  incumbent!.


1-Content rules that work for social media!

2-How to create killer blogs!

3-Video advertising to boost sales immediately.

4-Successful landing pages use for lead generation.

5-Snippets that create traffic.

6-Website designed for marketing and sales. Why you should create any of  your web pages with URL’s for optimization.

And much more. Complete the form below and let us create a marketing and business strategy to make your company’s  2019 year a total success!

See what others are saying about our business and marketing  coaching planning:

Jose has the ability to identify shortfalls as well as growth, in any market. I saw business plans developed by Harvard graduates and many of them lack that risk control, and easy to use strategies that Jose can put in place for any enterprise in any industry. I  highly reccommend any small and mid size company to partner with Jose to boost growth and sustainability. Furthermore, I saw Jose taken a 300 square fitness studio, into an empire in the Northern NJ metro area…Larry Beldford Retired Novardis CEO

I have seen few of our personal training graduates, achieved the level of success, Jose has achieved in the fitness industry. Not just as a great trainer, but business owner. His marketing strategies and organize skills, can make any gym to thrive in little time!…Dr. Jim Bell IFPA Fitness/CEO

We have recently partnered with Mr. Fuentes for lead generation boosting strategies, and are thrive to see our business profits going up each month, without Jose’s expertise we wouldn’t accomplish this growth in such a short time….Atlantic health care systems

What he offers works, plain and simple. Our yoga studio has grown through Jose’s SEO and copy-writing tactics. Give him a call, that may be the best call you have ever made for the health of your business!…Purple Om Yoga

We partnered with Jose for our SEO campaigns, and our martial arts school has achieve great growth and now everyone around Passaic county in NJ, knows who we are, what we do, and how they can benefit from our programs. Our academy is expanding and couldn’t be possible without Jose’s expertise in SEO  and digital marketing…. Carvahlo BJJ-Judo Academy

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