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At Morristown NJ Exercise For Weight Loss center, a question has vexed many individuals, such as what kind of exercise is best for my personality type?

A decade ago, the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher set out to answer a question on personality types. Dr. Fisher is known for her research scanning the brains on people of various stages of life, and she went looking for neurological clues. She found them and in the process she developed a broad personality test that, unlike many others is based on brain science rather than psychology. The fisher temperament inventory measures temperament which comes from our genes. Hormones and neurotransmitters. It can help people understand themselves and why they attracted to certain activities.

The fisher temperament index identifies your brain systems linked to personality . Typically, we all expressed some of each, but many people are dominant in one or two areas : either dopamine or serotonin, and either testosterone or estrogen. Here are the systems:

Estrogen: People who are expressive of estrogen tend to be intuitive, introspective, holistic, trusting empathetic. They fit better in activities such as yoga, pilates, and some group classes where they can interact with others.

Dopamine: People who are high on the dopamine scale tend to be curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic, restless. For that reason we think; running, hiking, swimming, is the best exercise activity for those. Or anything that gets them tired. They have a high energy level and love to explore things while being active!

Serotonin: People who have high serotonin activity are more sociable, and eager to belong, they are quite traditional in their values and less incline toward exploration. Activities with a sense of  team work, go better for them. Baseball, football, softball, dancing, ballet,  etc, is the best activity for them.

Testosterone: People expressive of the testosterone system, are tough minded, direct, decisive, skeptical, competitive. We believe that activities such as: strength training, diving, kickboxing, boxing, martial arts. Are the perfect activities fr those individuals.

Find your exercise activity for your persoality type, and don’t forget to share the story if you liked it!

To your health!

Jose Fuentes/Jose fit zone founder/CPT

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