How To Never Gain Weight Again While On Vacation



By Jose Fuentes/Blogger/CN-CPT

In the Tornado system relentless effort to make every member of the program active for life, I have to stay creative. Which means the very first obstacle is always the  DIET. Looking to resolve the anti sedentary vacation puzzle’, what hindered me at times is the same: no more than 10 people running in the morning, while everyone else is drinking beer at 8 am, eating donuts and sucking up the sun early. Excuse me if I sound contemptuous to some of you reading this blog. But,  there is many individuals who apparently even think that consuming excess of   GLUTEN, LACTOSE, GMO FOODS AND ALCOHOL; while  being sedentary on vacation time; is a fun thing to do. Even worse the 365 days of the year!

I also have to admit that things have changed over the past year or two. I heard clients smitten by the urge of knowing  what to do when they are out on vacation. Which really tells me things have turned around a little  and some folks have  recognized the need to change, not just while they are on the program but off the program as well. I give my best advice, always on the basis of each individual’s needs and situation. I want to share six admonition points  given to my Tornado weight loss members, so you can enjoy some of their benefits while on vacation.

TIP #1: Plan your work and work your plan. I always prepare my baggage myself. My wife try to help on this one; claiming she is more organized than me when comes to traveling prep. I always end up keeping her away from my traveling  belongings. I carefully pick my activities before hand. I always travel with my goggles, 2 pair of bathing suits and this time I even brought my Suspension bands to hang them off on a  tree and do my entire routines. Do the same thing, put in your bag the essential items you need to stay active. It could be as simple as Your most comfortable shoes, or your favorite t-shirts to burn calories.

I also enjoy the smell of my essential oils. Therefore, wherever I go I carry 3 bottles at least. Mine are good for tissue rebuilt, relaxation, and to kill germs. Which we all come across when travel.

Tip #2: Speaking of germs. You will come in contact with new blankets, pillows, food at restaurants, supermarket groceries etc. Here are 3 things you can do to keep a healthy ecosystem in your gut and avoid unhealthy bacteria build up.

a) Buy tons of lemons or limes. As explained in previous stories. Lemons and limes are super foods. Anti expectorant, antibacterial, antivirus. They do it all. Drink lemon water every morning, on an empty stomach.

b) Have 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Coconut oil kill germs as well, while making your body immune to unhealthy bacteria, the Medium Chain Tryglicerides content in CCO will protect your liver and kidneys while regulating blood pressure and promoting healthy fats.

c)Drink Cilantro water. Cilantro is proven for its properties in aiding the body of removal from heavy toxins, while delivering essential fats and fiber essential to your gut!

Tip #3. Embrace your surroundings. If you are at the beach, trying doing the usual yoga routine on the sand instead of indoors.

Tip #4. See the sights by foot or bike. Don’t just sit. You will discover more panoramic views when you use a bike or walk longer.

Tip#5. Pack healthy snacks. Don’t rely on food by the beach. Cravings will never be your best friends while on vacation, Trust me on that! Bring healthy foods like: apples, grapes, unsalted almonds, avocado sandwiches etc.

Tip #6. Be aware of buffets. Always use smaller plates. Smaller portions. Aim to fill  up on as many portions of fruits and veggies. And if you decided to go for your favorite cheesy pasta. Share it with your friend or significant other. Be creative on this one. Portions are everything when comes to staying firm with your weight loss goals!

Now you learned that being on vacation doesn’t mean you will gain excess of weight or need to stay sedentary. Explore these options and drop me a note for comments below!

Jose Fuentes/C.S.P.S/CPT/CN/MS/Blogger




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